INUSUAL Founder and CEO Pere Rosales Interview

In today's Human With Resources episode, an interview with Pere Rosales, Founder and CEO of INUSUAL. We take a deeper dive, answering these questions: 1. How do you foster innovation within your organization? 2. What is the biggest innovation leadership challenge do you have right now? 3. How do you measure innovation from a Human Resources perspective? 4. How do you measure and celebrate innovation? 5. What kind of leadership style do you need to boost innovate? 6. What is the future of innovation?

Pere Rosales is an Innovation Leadership Advisor and a Senior Executive Coach with more than 22 years of success spanning pharma, banking, insurance, fashion retail, and manufacturing. He’s interested in the human side of innovation and is also the author of "Estrategia Digital" 9th Editions by Deusto (Planeta).

Founder and CEO of INUSUAL, a global innovation leadership firm based in Boston and Barcelona empowering leaders and organizations to evolve and achieve sustainable success.

He had studied at Harvard, MIT, IESE, Eada, and holds a Master in Communication Management from the University of Barcelona, a Master in CRM from ESIC, and a Design Graduation.

He is currently serving as a lecturer, public speaker and innovation coach for several organizations, and educational institutions. He also serves as an Executive Board Member for some inspiring companies.

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