Julie Charlestein, Premier Dental Products Company, Innovative Leader

Julie Charlestein is the President and CEO of Premier Dental Products Company which develops, manufactures and distributes innovative dental consumables and devices for the oral health professional worldwide. Proud to be running a family -owned business, Julie is the first woman and the fourth generation to lead the company, which was founded by her great grandfather, Julius Charlestein, in 1913. As Premier’s President and CEO, Julie was voted one of The Top 25 Most Influential Women in Dentistry by Dental Products Report

Questions Julie Charlestein and host Doug Sandler discuss on today's episode:

  • How do you define innovation?
  • Tell me why the dental industry is ripe for innovation?
  • As a leader, how can you foster or teach innovation within an organization?
  • Do you have any specific methodology to encourage people to solve problems?
  • From your experience, do you have a set aside time for innovation?
  • From a leader’s perspective, what is the biggest innovation leadership challenge?
  • In practice how do you create a safe space for innovation?
  • Are there any specific areas within an organization more prepped and excited about innovation?
  • When speaking of ROI or metrics or KPI, how can you measure innovation within your company.
  • How do you celebrate innovation?
  • In your opinion what is the future of innovation?
  • If you advised other leaders what is a common characteristic of an innovative leader?

Website: www.premierdentalco.com

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Inusual Blog Spotlight

Innovative Leadership

Sometimes, in order to avoid the discomfort of conflict, we don’t take into account that it is necessary to actively participate in the dialog when the goal is for a common good. In order to move forward in this search for consensus through dialog, different tactics can be used:

  • Actively participate. All members must feel that they are part of the conversation.
  • Promote debate. Presenting a series of different ideas to discuss and evaluate encourages people to participate and to dialog.
  • Direct the conversation in a logical, sensible way.
  • Be transparent when it comes to expressing ideas and points of view.
  • Have the possibility to vote on the different opinions expressed.
  • Be assertive when it comes to expressing your opinion on others’ ideas.

In other words, companies and teams of leaders must build a tolerant culture that celebrates and respects differences. The Inusual Blog spotlight also shares a Harvard Business Review, on the most effective teams of leaders that stand out.

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