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Welcome, I am excited to present to you Human With Resources. With each episode I will bring you the best of innovation, from all aspects. Regardless of whether you work for yourself or work for a company small or large, interpersonal relationships are essential to not only generate innovative talent but also to generate great ideas. Today's episode will open the door to possibility. Imagine that our innovative talent is a seed inside of us. For it to sprout, it needs the help of external factors, such an innovative culture, and training. Human With Resources is about you. I will bring you leaders in the entrepreneurial space, the corporate world and government. Everywhere the innovation seed can be planted a Human With Resources exists. Welcome.

Innovation is everywhere, we just need to look for it, draw it out, encourage it, foster it, nourish it and believe in it. Without innovation, organizations grow stale. Each week Human With Resources will bring you industry leaders, ready to share their ideas about building fertile ground for innovation by fostering amazing relationships, creating an environment of psychological safety for the employee that makes them feel part of a team, facilitating the sharing of his or her opinions or ideas and even his or her doubts. The recognition, positive feedback, and exchange of visions among the people that make up an organization generate a language of trust that makes communication easy. With this communication, barriers are broken and a work road map that can be completed without limitations is created, exploring new paths and with the goal of developing a culture of innovation among the entire team.

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**Transcript of today's Welcome Episode:

Wow, this is so cool, a podcast to talk innovation. To share the stories of others who, like you believe the future of success within an organization big or small lies in the fostering of creativity of the people within that organization.

My name is Doug Sandler, I will be taking you on this journey. I am not just the host of this show, I am a believer in innovation as a means to success within any team. Fostering relationships, bettering the culture within a company -- doesn’t even matter the size -- YOU can make a difference. I have been podcasting since 2015, building a network of shows for those in business. Our shows have received international attention with over 3 million downloads. Outside of hosting this show and others, I founded a podcast production business and have launched over 100 other shows, sharing the messages of the host of those podcasts with people all over the world. Talk about innovation -- the podcasting community is filled with innovative pioneers using their ideas to foster change in the media space. My belief is that one at a time their contributions will make lasting change for the better: building community, building influence and all the while building their businesses and sharing their messages through the podcasting space -- as leaders.

Overall, Some leaders are indeed the leaders of organizations -- CEO, COO, CMO, you know the C-level. And some leaders, while not on any management team or organizational chart, are instead chosen by their peers because of their ability to naturally lead, putting those around them in a stew of innovation, delicately mixing up the ingredients for innovation, providing a safe place for those around them to share ideas, think outside the box and delicately I say this, to get stuff done within an organization.

So every month, at least once a month, we will be sharing innovative leaders with you -- in an interview format -- very conversational in tone, finding out how they tick, what makes them successful, and helping you see through their eyes why innovation was key in building success around them.

My question is who are you? We think you owners of businesses, leaders of organizations and people, builders of relationships and culture. We think you are the creative ones, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and extrapreneurs -- you will find out about what all of those are as you listens to our episodes and interviews. But whomever you are, we appreciate you checking out Human with Resources, our podcast.

This podcast has been created and curated by Inusual, a global company specialized in innovation leadership. We also have the same podcast in Spanish, we will be sure to put a link in the show notes for our Spanish episodes as well.

This is our manifesto
We innovate for living out of the ordinary; that's why we ASPIRE with passion, doing what we love; we PERSPIRE for excellence, loving what we do; we CONSPIRE for trust, sharing our best; we INSPIRE with results, making a difference; we RESPIRE with integrity keeping balance." We are Inusuals, and we want to be remembered for this.

So, join me as we go down the path learning about Human with Resources. Remember to subscribe to the show, please review and rate us wherever you are listening -- and come back and listen as often as you can. I am excited to share my time with you and I will respect your time when you listen -- just good, honest communication -- let us all enjoy a meaningful life -- building great relationships one human with resources at a time. Until next time …. thanks for listening.

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